Auf immer und ewig - Dating ohne Grenzen

SPECIAL: Tell All - Teil 2

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SPECIAL IM ENGLISCHEN ORIGINALTON: Die Paare aus der zweiten Staffel von "Auf immer und ewig?" treffen sich noch einmal, um ĂĽber die Geschehnisse zu diskutieren: "At the end of Part 1 of the Tell All, Russ and Pao's emotional confrontation over her wearing lingerie for a music video led to her storming off set. The fight continues as they hash out their differences backstage over Pao's career decisions. In an effort to give them a break from the conflict, the host, Shaun Robinson, finally sits down with Danielle and Mohamed to find out what's happened since their court date. Then Jorge and Anfisa are in the hot seat next when a clip is played showing the fight between Jorge's sister, Lourdes, and Anfisa while out to dinner. Shaun then turns her attention to Chantel and Pedro and their respective relationships with their in laws. A clip of Pedro's family serving Chantel's family chicken feet is shown and Shaun polls the cast asking if she thinks it was disrespectful for his mother to do so or simply a cultural difference and miscommunication. The conversation shifts back to Jorge and Anfisa where a clip is shown, post separation from Jorge, with Anfisa admitting that she was a virgin when she met Jorge."

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