Auf immer und ewig - Dating ohne Grenzen

SPECIAL: Tell All - Teil 1

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SPECIAL IM ENGLISCHEN ORIGINALTON: Die Paare aus der zweiten Staffel von "Auf immer und ewig?" treffen sich noch einmal, um ĂĽber die Geschehnisse zu diskutieren: "It's the morning of the Happily Ever After Tell All and the first round of cast members arrive at the studio. Russ, Pao, Loren, and Alex start to get ready for the taping and everyone is a little nervous about what will transpire today. After some time, Loren and Pao start to wonder where Jorge and Anfisa are. Meanwhile, at their hotel, Anfisa and Jorge prepare for filming. The room is filled with tension as this separated couple gets ready together. Jorge admits that today, he's planning to get revenge on Anfisa for breaking his heart. All couples settle in on set as they has out the hardest moments from this past season."

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